Thursday, 27 August 2009

DfID divulge data

DfID have today released the first version of their Project Information Database.

There is a wealth of information there but it is important to ask straight away - what other information does DfID have which they have decided not to publish?

In my most recent FOI request I obtained a full list of the project information stored on DfID's databases.

This includes the following fields:

Performance Review
Is an Annual Review Req
Ann Review Exempt Just.
Annual Review Due Date
Annual Review Prompt Date
Annual Review Authorised
Summary Review Authorised
Is a PCR Required?
PCR Exempt Justification
PCR Due Date
PCR Prompt Date
PCR Deferral?
Deferral Justification
PCR Authorised

Output Scoring
Impact Weight %
Output Performanc
Impact Weighted Score

Project Scoring
Review Date
Total Impact Score
Output Risk
Project Purpose Score
Purpose Justification
Overall Risk score

Method of Scoring
Sources of Information

Scoring Responsibility
Partners Involved

Knowledge Sharing/Lessons
Lesson Category

Conditionality Review
Disbursement Suspended
Date Suspended

As far as I can make out these fields have not yet been included in the online database. Instead, under 'Aid effectiveness' they have included the following, rather irrelevant, indicators:

Use of partner country public financial management systems
Are partner country budget systems used?
Are partner country financial reporting systems used?
Are partner country audit systems used?
Are all 3 partner country public financial management systems used?

Are partner country procurement systems used?

Use of programme based approaches
Does the contribution fit within a single programme/budget framework?
Is the contribution led by the host country/organisation?
Is there a process for co-ordinating donors?
Are at least 2 partner country systems being used?
Is this a Programme Based Approach?

As mentioned last time, I have another FOI to determine the criteria the department used when selecting which indicators to be published. By coincidence the deadline for replying to that is tomorrow! I wonder if they were concerned I might steal their thunder...

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

This is an interesting paper on different approaches to impact evaluation, published by the increasingly active 3ie.

It includes contributions from big thinkers such as Robert Chambers and Martin Ravallion - who offer widely different visions of both the philosophy and implementation of evaluation.

Monday, 3 August 2009


The One World Trust have found that there are at least 50 civil society self-regulatory initiatives on development. They are listed in a new database all about self-regulation, which claims to be the first of its kind.